Classic Review : Only Built IV Cuban Linx in The Source (1995)

June 20, 2007

Half a mic short of classic status, but still a classic album, review published in The Source, september 1995, written by Nicholas Poluhoff.

El Michel’s Affair & Raekwon : PJ’s (DivShare)

Buzz : Ill Biskits interview in Flavor (1995)

June 13, 2007

Like most rap artists signed to WEA and its branches (Omniscience, Juggaknots, Deda, INI, Supernatural, Agallah, Lin Que, KMD, Ador, Coz… who else ?) in 1994/95, Ill Biskits dropped a couple of 12″ before their album got shelved for 13 years. Their 15 minutes of fame included a few interviews like this one, from Seattle magazine Flavor in september 1995.

Ill Biskitz : Exclusive Debut (zShare)
Ill Biskitz : Exclusive Debut (DivShare)

Pimpin Ain’t Easy : Too Short interview in The Source (1992)

June 13, 2007

Cover story on Too Short from the august 1992 issue of The Source, interviewed by Reginald C. Dennis.

Too Short : In The Trunk (Glove Compartment Street Mix) (zShare)
Too Short : In The Trunk (Glove Compartment Street Mix) (DivShare)

Many Styles : Freestyle Fellowship in The Source (1993)

June 13, 2007

Short interview of the Freestyle Fellowship by Akwanza just before they drop their major label debut. From The Source, april 1993. The lo-fi audio is from the tape Fellowship Shop, includes bits of Tolerate, Hot Potato and more.

Freestyle Fellowship : Unknown track (DivShare)
Freestyle Fellowship : Unknown track (zShare)

Classic Review : Organized Konfusion in The Source (1992)

June 13, 2007

Published in the Source, january of 1992, a review of Organized Konfusion first album, penned by Matty C. The audio is a track from their famous demo produced by the late Paul C, back when they called themselves Simply II Positive MC’s.

Simply II Positive aka Organized Konfusion : Mind Over Matter (demo) (DivShare)

Livin Proof review in The Source (1995)

June 13, 2007

You know you suck when the guy who review your album can’t find one decent line in your rhymes and can only quote an interlude ! You gotta appreciate how Joe Charles tries hard not to make fun of their lyrics. Lyrical enthusiast will surely appreciate the demo version of Supa Star, with different lyrics ! Have fun.

Group Home : Supa Star (demo) (DivShare)

Holder Of The Rock : LL Cool J interview in The Source (1993)

June 12, 2007

Great interview where LL Cool J answers the questions of Reginald C. Dennis. Unfortunately I don’t have a copy of the Dangerous practice session that he played for him, so instead the audio is a live recording of LL dissing Ice T over the Keni Burke instrumental.

LL Cool J : Freestyle live at Chuck Chillout Birthday Party (zShare)
LL Cool J : Freestyle live at Chuck Chillout Birthday Party (DivShare)