Blackboard Jungle : KRS One interview in Rap Pages (1995)

Now it’s the week-end, some of you are probably on vacation, so relax and take your time, here is the long interview with The Ghetto Communicator from Rap Pages, october 1995. This include a review of BDP/KRS discography by Dr.Bombay.

KRS One : Check It Out (Send Space)
KRS One : Check It Out (DivShare)

8 Responses to Blackboard Jungle : KRS One interview in Rap Pages (1995)

  1. HeRBaN LyRiX says:

    Another good read, thanks….

    STaY BLeSS`n…

  2. Kevin says:

    Hi, have you got the April 1992 issue of Rap Pages with KRS on the cover??

  3. SLurg says:

    Yes, but I didn’t post it because you can check it at :
    You can bookmark his site also, one of the best around here…

  4. Kevin says:

    Yeah I know Robbie, he’s a friend of mine, but the post on his site is the interview with The Source,…unless what KRS said in the April 1992 Rap Pages issue, is identicial to the Source article

  5. Kevin says:

    But if that April 1992 Rap article is different to the April 1992 Source article, I would be glad if you could post it up

  6. SLurg says:

    I’ll check, but I don’t think we have this Rap Pages.

  7. Perazzo says:

    Cool Picsxx

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