Born Again : Run DMC in The Source (1993)

Dope piece on the best group ever by Reginald C. Dennis in february 1993.

Run DMC : Live At Montreux (DivShare)





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One Response to Born Again : Run DMC in The Source (1993)

  1. chris merge1 callaway says:

    This was a fine piece of journalism by Reggie Dennis. Mr. Dennis proved once again RUN DMC are legendary icons of the culture we call “HIP HOP”. As ART DIRECTOR of THE SOURCE magazine at this progressive point, it was a positive experience at the cover photo shoot for RUN DMCs “comeback” project. CHI MODU, the magazines photo editor at this time shot this and many other classic covers. Props also go out to Maliq “DJ PORNO” Griffin, of the Jersey-based graffiti crew Boom Skwad, NRG, FC, Atomic Heads and LTD for the contents page illustration..(not shown, you can check it on his facebook page…. PEACE, chris MERGE1 callaway.

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