A Gangsta’s World View : Ice Cube in The Source (1990)

Ice Cube was on the cover of the 1990 summer issue of The Source, no interview inside but a strange analysis supporting Ice Cube’s chauvinistic stance.

To fully understand the last paragraph (“Why do my posse and I have fun shouting along with Ice Cube ? He caters to our fantasies in a world where we feel so powerless.”), you have to realize that the writer Dan Charnas is a white american male who, at that time, was a&r at Tommy Boy Profile..

Audio is Ice Cube, Sir Jinx and K-Dee first single.

CIA : My Posse (DivShare)





9 Responses to A Gangsta’s World View : Ice Cube in The Source (1990)

  1. Misiu says:

    pretty interesting. thank you. would be nice to see more old ice cube interviews

  2. Dan Charnas says:

    My friend, Dan Charnas was never “a&r at Tommy Boy”

    But he was and is a white American male. ;-)

  3. SLurg says:

    oops, i knew I should have double checked that one !

  4. miguelp says:

    I came to this website to beg to you, SLurg, to PLEASE post the Simply II Positive demo. I am a HUGE Organized Konfusion, Pharoahe Monch, Prince Po fan. I at one time had the whole demo, but my computer crashed. I think I had gotten the demo from Vinyl Addicts, a now defunct hip-hop blog. I am BEGGING you, or anyone with the demo, to please post it somewhere or send it to me if you could be so kind. I am really desperate for this. Please. Thank You.

    P.S. I have already gotten the 2 songs from the demo you have posted and thanks for those BTW.

  5. miguelp says:

    Now I feel Bad. I’ve found the demo elsewhere. SO DISREGARD TRHE ABOVE COMMENT> Sorry

  6. a-one says:

    thanks for this. i dont have any sources from back when they used this logo. i was prolly still thinking Rap Masters was good lol

  7. XenoJive says:

    Hey, props to Dan Charnas for putting Kwest the Madd Ladd on

  8. […] Great old (and when I say old, I mean before I started buying “The Source” back in &#821… Ice Cube in The Source, around the time NWA broke up. […]

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