Boston Bigshots : Almighty RSO in The Source (1994)

The beginning of the end. This is the feature on Almighty RSO written by their manager and associate editor of The Source, David Mays. After this was published in november 1994, all the staff of the magazine resigned  and things just weren’t the same.

Update : Oops, the thid page was missing…

Almighty RSO : One In The Chamba (DivShare)
Almighty RSO : One In The Chamba (MassMirror)




7 Responses to Boston Bigshots : Almighty RSO in The Source (1994)

  1. Rues says:

    Is that the end of the article? Seems pretty brief to have caused that much of a ruckus.
    Aside from the obvious conflict of interest, it doesn’t strike me as being that overboard.
    Granted the article is pumping a mediocre group, but shit, it’s the source, and what else is new?

  2. XenoJive says:

    To be honest, I had never heard of this group before I read this article back then.

    And again, I didn’t hear anything from them until the joint they had with Mobb Deep in what…96?

    Besides that one song, RSO is garbage man and The Source was really good before all that shit happened. Then their rating system started to slip, their albums of the month and singles of the month were getting wack, too many ads, etc etc

    I just said fuck it around 1997 and devoted myself to Ego Trip and Stress, remember those mags?

    • HHS83 says:

      U trippin man. DOOMSDAY-FOREVER RSO has to be 1 of the to p 5 albums of 1996 and a classic to this day. Whatever happened with Benzino, The Source and Eminem, 1 thing NOBODY can deny is that RSO kept it street. Signed: HIP HOP SINCE 1983.

      • markski says:

        RSO sucks and have always sucked from day one. Bunch of no talent having sucka ass clowns from west buttfuck, boston. Every last one of those idiots were mad gay and soft. Its no wonder they had to get Mays to sneak the article in the Source because if it was done fairly, it would have been a unanimous thumbs down. Nobody can deny that and if u do then you’re mad homo.

        Classic? nah. more like HOT GARBAGE.

  3. tim says:

    they put the article in after it was already supposed to go to press…..mays snuck it in last minute with no authorization….thats why everyone quit…

    the intergrity of the shit was compromised….and all the bumpin of mediocre groups happened AFTER this acticle….and after everyone quit….

    before it was a pretty amazing and on point mag

  4. Theotech says:

    Doomsday-Forever RSO can never be slept on, so dope, so many sick heads including Mobb Deep give it up for this classic hip-hop!!

  5. Sandie Urps says:

    it’s helpful article , thanks

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