Classic Review : Liquid Swords in The Source (1995)

Review of Genius second album in The Source, from the december 1995 issue.

Genius & RZA : Pass The Bone (DivShare)


9 Responses to Classic Review : Liquid Swords in The Source (1995)

  1. ill says:

    there are no weaknesses on this album. 5 mics

  2. TC says:

    Not accessible enough. 4 Mics.

  3. Steve says:

    Not accessible. Shit is so deep its picked up on radios in tunnels man.

  4. TC is dumb says:

    TC is buggin. shit is 5 mics.

  5. XenoJive says:

    TC is weak, like clock radio speakers.

    On the real, good God I was the biggest Wu-head in those days…being from the West Coast, not many people in my high school was into east coast hip-hop (or even underground west coast for that matter) so I made it a point to fuckin “b-boy” it up back then.

    Kids were all into looking pretty with their Tommy and Nikes and freshly creased khakis

    And me…I said “fuck lookin cute, I’m strictly Tim Boots and Army certified suits”

    and Adidas.

  6. ismaleketeke says:

    5 Mics. No doubt.

  7. Allred says:

    5 MICS! Dope album!

  8. skeetmaster says:

    quite possibly the greatest hip hop record ever

  9. dC HuStLeR3k says:

    Liquid Swords, no question 5 mics… the classics the WU created back then can never be duplicated!!

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