Classic reviews : Return Of The Funky Man in The Source (1991)

September 25, 2008

Review of Lord Finesse second LP in The Source of february 1992, and the audio is the only good track from one of the worst Afrika Bambaataa albums, with Finesse, Lucien, possibly RMR from Nu Sounds/Strictly Roots, possibly True Culture and somebody else named Williams (they’re only credited under their real names on the vinyl).

Afrika Bambaataa, Lord Finesse, Lucien and some other rappers : Steppin Hard Zulu Nation (DivShare)

Rap supreme : NTM dans l’Affiche (1990)

September 25, 2008

Une fois n’estpas coutume un article francais avec la toute premiere couv’ de Supreme NTM dans L’Affiche, qui répondent aux questions d’une journaliste qui n’aime pas le rap…
(And I’ll be back later today with articles in english and some more rarely heard music from Revolucien…)

NTM & Lucien : Check The Flow (DivShare)