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Classic Reviews : Dead Serious in The Source (1992)

While their style may have not aged as well as some of their Hit Squad colleagues, Das Efx first album was quite entertaining at the time. As requested here is the review ran in the Source back in may 1992, and as a bonus the letter from ?uest, a young fan from a Philadelphia group then called Square Roots, later known as The Roots…

Das Efx : They Want EFX remix (divshare)


5 Responses to Classic Reviews : Dead Serious in The Source (1992)

  1. Jaz says:

    Thanks Slurg, mad appreciated.

  2. Brian Correia says:

    Where’s the letter from ??

  3. Dan Russell says:

    It was awesome to read this. How come you guys never upload any Boot Camp Clik related reviews? I’d love to see some of the original reviews for Black Moon Enta da Stage, Heltah Skeltah Nocturnal, O.G.C. Da Storm and Smif N Wessun Dah Shinin. Please, WE NEED TO SEE THEM!

  4. House says:

    hit me up at my email addy. I have a huge favor to ask in regard to hiphop, but i need your email.


  5. Dj-Triginio says:

    This definitely has to be from ?uestlove…It seems like something he would write about.

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