Big Banger Theory : Smiff N Wessun in Ego Trip (1995)

Article on Smiff N Wessun written by Rob Marriott in Ego Trip, 1995.

Black Moon and Smiff N Wessun : Freestyle in The Stretch Armstrong Show (ZShare)


5 Responses to Big Banger Theory : Smiff N Wessun in Ego Trip (1995)

  1. Awesome says:

    Awesome, I LOVE this shit! I NEED this shit!

  2. vincentlopez says:

    Yoooooooooooooooooo, please scan the whole mag! I can’t find a lot of these old Ego Trip mags (including this one) but I’m going to post the few I do have. Do you have them all?

  3. des says:

    I agree with the guy above, please scan the mag I would like to see the spring underground gear article, it sounds dope.

  4. Hell yea scan the EGO TRIP says:

    This site is so great! I need to see the EGO TRIP about the WU Mansion with Ghost on the cover I can’t find it! I would love to see more BCC and Wu-tang stuff! The Source review for It Was Written or any Nas stuff around that timme ’95 ’96. AZ Doe or Die. Heltah Skeltah Nocturnal.

  5. universe7 says:

    Looking for a scanned image from an Ego trip issue…its 3 Mexican wrestlers…one guy is being held up by another, and the third guy is flying toward this poor saps face…he is perpendicular to his left cheek..and the words “SONNING YOU” are at the bottom..

    please respond to


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