World ultimate : Advertising for The Nonce (1995)

My man Bachir is about to release a dope mix consisting of over 60 minutes of music by The Nonce. Classics from Nouka and Yusef as well as tracks from Aceyalone, Supherb, etc produced by The Nonce.
The CD shall be available soon, but here is the teaser :

Bachir : The Nonce Mixtape teaser

Also, you may want to check our A Word From Our Sponsors for some old creative advertising. We’ll go back to our normal program soon.


3 Responses to World ultimate : Advertising for The Nonce (1995)

  1. anthony says:

    Thanks for all the good works. Just wondering if u have the article on western hemisfear in the flavor magazine from march 1995? Matter of fact if u have any article on western hemisfear and the members from that group please post it up.

  2. Anthony says:

    I think that the article on flavor magazine with western hemisfear is actually from may 1995.


  3. vollsticks says:

    Heh “Mix Tapes”, that takes me back, man…but me and my boys always used to chuckle about their name ’cause in the UK “nonce” is slang for a paedophile!….mebbe why the album didn’t do so good over here, it wasn’t the sorta thing you wanted to advertise:…”oh, me? I’m listening to the Nonce”, you’d get beaten on the head! Great site though, thanks for all the wicked scans, much love from the UK.

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