Classic Review : Step In The Arena in The Source (1991)

Boston based group Gang Starr given a less than stellar rating for their classic album in february 1991 issue of Boston based magazine The Source.

Gang Starr : Ex-Girl To Next Girl (remix) (zShare)

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9 Responses to Classic Review : Step In The Arena in The Source (1991)

  1. HeRBaN LyRiX says:

    The Guru Keithy E…..LoL, is that what he used to go by? Good god that`s funny!!!

    STaY BLeSS`n…

  2. Alejan says:

    This is a classic album!!! Should have been at least a 4. 3.5 just does not give it justice. Premier and Guru exemplefied that raw hip hop feel dope beats and scratches with dope rhymes. They don’t make them like this anymore.

  3. Dustyplatters says:

    Guru’s rhyme patterns were advanced and crazy! Very few MCs can touch him lyrically. Even 18 years later, he could still wax new MCs w/Arena alone!!

  4. Cllsbass says:

    What the fuck’s up with The Source giving good reviews to an album and then giving it a mediocre score with no explanation?

  5. william says:

    Step in the Arena is a straight classic Guru and Premier are legends in the game Premier beats flawless Guru flow flawless CLASSIC HELL MUTHAFUCKIN YEAH

  6. william says:

    Step In The Arena is a classic No Question

  7. Mind at Large says:

    The Source most really hate Gang Starr

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