A Word From Our Sponsors





If you have any request post it here and I’ll see what I can do.

25 Responses to A Word From Our Sponsors

  1. Elijah says:

    Yo, I don’t remember when exactly I linked to you, but it would make sense that I did, being a faithful reader and all (got you on the Google Reader and everything). But consider this a link request, so if you want to do it all official and link in each others’ blogrolls, get at me: betterthanbs@gmail.com

  2. Kevin says:

    Have you got any T La Rock interviews, from magazines?

  3. illest says:

    any pete rock article
    like you did for krs
    and any exclusive pete rock joints
    what you got?
    do you have any old ego trips

  4. Kevin says:

    Have you got the issue of The Source when Kane apparantly addressed King Sun appearing on a radio station, doing a freestyle diss and daring Kane to call up there and then and battle him?

  5. SLurg says:

    i don’t think I have that one, at least i don’t rember reading that. I’ll check my wife’s collection.

  6. Kevin says:

    Have you got the SEPTEMBER 1989 issue of The Source, with Kane on the front cover as well as the interview??

  7. Kevin says:

    Have you got any On The Go issues?? if so, I would like to read the Jul 1997 issue with the article “What Ever Happened to Battles???” by Woodson, AJ.

  8. SLurg says:

    I have most On The Go. I’ll try to post that one soon.

  9. Kevin says:

    SLurg, where you able to find that On The Go article I requested??…

    Also have you got an Freddie Foxx interview/article, I think it’s from The Source where he explains why his verse is so long???

  10. Kevin says:


    Slurg where you able to find that On The Go article I requested??

    Also have you got an Freddie Foxx interview/article, I think it’s from The Source where he explains, why on the track ‘Ruff Ruff’ w/KRS, his verse was so long??

  11. Tarnin says:

    Hey, I was wondering if you had any articles on the GZA, particularly Liquid Swords. I would LOVE to read the Source Review of it. Thanks for your time!

  12. Fredro Espi says:

    can you post The Beatnuts that was in the 93 Source mag you just posted with Tribe on the cover?
    Much love I have been looking for it. Stay up..

  13. gimantalon says:

    Any DJ Premier related will do for me, like his first album of Gang Starr. Thanks for the other premo related pages, big up for everything!!

  14. Skaler says:

    Would love to see more of The Source #50. Particularly where everyone selects their favorite albums and songs of all-time…

  15. 9@home says:

    Got you linked up on mine. Just FYI. ;)
    Nice stuff. Reminds me that I’ve been meaning to go down to the basement and flick through my crate of old-ass magazines from the early 90s.

  16. Jaz says:

    Slurg, have you got the Das EFX-Dead Serious, The Source review please?

  17. Bachir says:

    Slurg si t’as du Homeliss derilex, je suis preneur!


  18. Colin Sutton says:

    Great stuff. If you want to see any other old Straight From the Lips interviews i have copies of all of them from our illustrious 30+ run back in the early 90’s. Thanks for posting those…. Colin Sutton

  19. Mark says:

    Great site. I’m looking for an issue of Vibe from around Jan-March (I think) of 2001, particularly a review they had in the issue I’m looking for. They reviewed Nas’ “Death of Escobar” album in an issue during this time, it received 4 records. The reviewer was David Crowley. I read the mag in a store, but never bought it. I have not seen this review anywhere else. I thought you might be able to track it down. My attempts to contact Vibe have been of no use.

    Thanks and again great site!!

  20. a616 says:

    Maybe you can post all original reviews of the 5 mic albums (from the Source)? Thanks!

  21. pick mc says:

    cena daki e o pick mc apartir de L.A nao em USA mais sim luanda angola… curti das cena do mano valete .nao mandei o meu email por nao estar bem atualisado na net scenario quero umas cena do cllube do coracao BENFICA eu sei que o scenario e do sportig AQUELE ABRACO Pick mc

  22. YOBLAQ says:

    Thank you for time.

  23. Loren says:

    I enjoy your site. Any chance you have an article that discusses Marley Marl’s production techniques: “Soul Controller, Sole Survivor” from October 1991? I’d be grateful for a chance to read it.

  24. You says:

    Hi are you selling them? Id love to buy some. Pls let me know

  25. You says:

    Are you selling them? Id love to buy some if you are thanks

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