Classic Review : Movin’ On (remix) in The Source (1991)

August 4, 2012

Review of Master Ace last single for Cold Chillin’, written by Reginald C. Dennis in The Source, june 1991.


Master Ace : Movin’ On (remix) (DivShare)

Master Ace featuring Unique  & Master Ice : Go Where I Sent Thee (DivShare)


Classic review : Yz’s EP in The Source (1991)

April 5, 2009

Review of Yz’s first mini-album, entirely produced by Trenton legend Tony D. Written by Reginald C Dennis in the Source.

Yz & Tony D : Mixel Plic (remix) (DivShare)


Classic Reviews : Sex And Violence in The Source (1992)

March 18, 2008

Review of the last BDP album from the Source, march 1992. Anyone who has a copy of “Intromental”, please upload it for posterity ! 

The mp3 is the remix version of We In There with different lyrics.

KRS One : We In There (Ali Shaheed Muhammad remix) (Hulkshare)


Born Again : Run DMC in The Source (1993)

August 1, 2007

Dope piece on the best group ever by Reginald C. Dennis in february 1993.

Run DMC : Live At Montreux (DivShare)





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Pimpin Ain’t Easy : Too Short interview in The Source (1992)

June 13, 2007

Cover story on Too Short from the august 1992 issue of The Source, interviewed by Reginald C. Dennis.

Too Short : In The Trunk (Glove Compartment Street Mix) (zShare)
Too Short : In The Trunk (Glove Compartment Street Mix) (DivShare)

Holder Of The Rock : LL Cool J interview in The Source (1993)

June 12, 2007

Great interview where LL Cool J answers the questions of Reginald C. Dennis. Unfortunately I don’t have a copy of the Dangerous practice session that he played for him, so instead the audio is a live recording of LL dissing Ice T over the Keni Burke instrumental.

LL Cool J : Freestyle live at Chuck Chillout Birthday Party (zShare)
LL Cool J : Freestyle live at Chuck Chillout Birthday Party (DivShare)

Classic Review : Doggystyle in The Source (1994)

April 10, 2007

Review of Snoop’s first album in The Source, which was treated with a so-so rating (compared to the 4.5 mics of Enter The Wu-Tang in the same issue), thus giving us another proof of their legendary east-coast biais. February 1994.

Snoop & Kurupt : Nuthin but a freestyle mix


Out Of Business : The EPMD break up in The Source (1993)

April 4, 2007

It’s not very often that you see a journalist actually doing research and investigation in a rap magazine. The last time this happened was this Reginald C. Dennis piece on EPMD breaking up in The Source, in march 1993.

EPMD & Roger Troutman : Get Up (edit)


Good Guys Wear Black : MC Ren in The Source (1992)

March 25, 2007

Reginald C Dennis talks to NWA’s best MC, Ren, about the release of his EP. From The Source in august 1992.

MC Ren : Kizz My Black Azz

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After Cop Killer – Code Of Silence : Kool G Rap interview in The Source

December 31, 2006

From the january 1993 issue of The Source, G Rap and Tyron Williams, Cold Chillin CEO, talk about censorship with Reginald C. Dennis, Ice T’s favourite journalist !

Kool G Rap & DJ Polo : Train Robbery

Is Rap Dead ? : Ice T – Cop Killer Editorial in The Source (1992)

December 17, 2006

The infamous Source editorial of december 1992 where Reginald C. Dennis blame Ice T for dropping Cop Killer from Body Count album. This was the first article that spark the beef between The Source and Ice T which culminated with Ice T’s last great song, It’s On.
Next to it is the explanation of what happened before that they printed in the year recap, published in january 93.

Ice T : It’s On

icet_rapdied_dec92.jpg  icet_0193tm.jpg