Classic Reviews : Dah Shinin in The Source (1995)

February 95 review of Smif N Wessun first album by one Joe Charles. You think the rating is a bit low ? Well, so did their label. Just after is a letter they send to the magazine to complain !

Smif N Wessun & Black Moon : Headz Ain’t Ready (DivShare)



10 Responses to Classic Reviews : Dah Shinin in The Source (1995)

  1. kwaid says:

    Wow. . . Again–terribly misrated.

    Honestly, I think this album is BETTER than Enta Da Stage. . .it has a broader range of topics for most of the songs. . .

  2. Mads says:

    3 mics is way too low. At least 4 mics in my opinion. But funny that the Boot Camp Clik doesn’t spell the album title right in their letter to The Source…

  3. jah nuttin says:

    did j charles ever respond? the source?

    thanks for still diggin on the journalistic tip.

    happy holidays

  4. the source is wack says:


  5. d.rollz says:

    Interesting thing: The Source later counted this as one of the Top 100 hip-hop albums of 1983-1998.

  6. Brandan says:

    How in the world could the writer of this Album Review get away with giving this LP 3 mics!!!??? That is retarted, what LP was he listenin to!! This is 4.5 or 5 mics easy with no hesitation!!! This is one of the best Hip-Hop LP’s of all-time, pure classic!

  7. random man. says:

    wow. just wow.
    my top 3 records ever got 3 mics in the day? lol.

    source tripped big time sometimes man.

  8. akilleez says:

    hands down one of the best hip hop albums of all time, this writer probably hypes artists that pay him well to promote their music.

  9. Melaki says:

    That reviewer prolly was a dead bwoy, and he don’t even know… ;-)

  10. says:

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