Classic Review : Super Tight in The Source (1994)

December 12, 2007

J-Mill’s review of UGK’s Supertight in The Source, october 1994. 

UGK : Bubble (Pimp C remix) (DivShare)


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Sure Shot : UGK’s Front, Back & Side to Side single

December 5, 2007

Source’s review of UGK’s classic single Front, Back & Side to Side, recently covered by TI.

UGK : Front, Back & Side to Side


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Classic review : Grip It On That Other Level in The Source (1990)

October 27, 2007

Review of the Def American reissue of Geto Boys album in The Source, summer 1990.

Geto Boys : No Sell Out (DivShare)


Deep Concentration : DJ Premier in Rap Pages (1996)

April 16, 2007

Cover story on DJ Premier from the DJ special issue of Rap Pages. For anyone interested in Dee Jaying this April 1996 issue of Rap Pages is a collector item, I’ll scan more from it if some of you are interested.

DJ Premier : Red Alert Chant

Bitch Betta Have My Money : Cold Cris of Mad Flava (1997)

February 27, 2007

My favorite section of Ego Trip, even if it only appeared in the last few issues (this one is from the summer 1997 issue). Cold Cris The Soulman from Mad Flava breaks down industry rule #4080.

Mad Flava : I Like 2 Smoke Weed & Listen 2 Hip-Hop


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Odd Men In : Odd Squad in RapPages (1994)

December 13, 2006

Feature on Odd Squad from Rap Pages in august 1994. The D is for The Dude, as in Devin The Dude.

Odd Squad : Jazz Rendition

oddsquad_0894tm.jpg oddsquad_08942tm.jpg

Givin It To Ya Slow : DJ Screw interview from RapPages (1995)

December 5, 2006

An interview with DJ Screw from Rap Pages, november 1995, part of a larger feature on Houston.

ESG : Flipping

djscrew interview