Dear Ak, Editorial in The Source + Answer letter (1993-94)

March 30, 2009

Shame on Kierna for thinking the beat on “I Luh Her” was so-so. Editorial from the Source attacking Akinyele in december 1993, and the answer from the artist two months later. A few years later Ak shared his feelings about that journalist on the long-shelved Break A Bitch Neck.

Akinyele : I Luh Her (DivShare)
Akinyele & Kool G. Rap :
Break A Bitch Neck (DivShare)




Classic Reviews : Dah Shinin in The Source (1995)

December 19, 2008

February 95 review of Smif N Wessun first album by one Joe Charles. You think the rating is a bit low ? Well, so did their label. Just after is a letter they send to the magazine to complain !

Smif N Wessun & Black Moon : Headz Ain’t Ready (DivShare)



Classic Reviews : Dead Serious in The Source (1992)

September 30, 2008

While their style may have not aged as well as some of their Hit Squad colleagues, Das Efx first album was quite entertaining at the time. As requested here is the review ran in the Source back in may 1992, and as a bonus the letter from ?uest, a young fan from a Philadelphia group then called Square Roots, later known as The Roots…

Das Efx : They Want EFX remix (divshare)


Classic Review : People’s Instinctive Travels & The Path Of Rhythm in The Source (1990)

September 4, 2007

Rather than buy Shawn Taylor’s uninspiring book about Q-Tip’s first album, I’ll just stick to Matty C’s review from The Source. Back in may 1990 the magazine didn’t use the five mics ratings, but they re-reviewed the album in the following issue, summer 1990, this time with the classic rating.
A Tribe Called Quest : Pubic Enemy (Kool DJ Red Alert remix) (DivShare)


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A Point Of Clarification : CL Smooth letter to the Editor in The Source (1992)

August 14, 2007

After the august interview CL Smooth took time to write to The Source to make sure his manager-mate LL Cool J didn’t take offense of his remark.

Pete Rock & CL Smooth : CL Strikes Again (demo) (DivShare)


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Revolution 101 : a letter from KRS One to The Source (1996)

July 16, 2007

Typically, the january year-end issue of The Source was the boring one that nobody read. Except KRS who found some comments from Kierna Mayo Dawsey offensive . I wanted to scan the lengthy article in question but it’s so boring that my scanner keeps falling asleep midway through it.

Nas, KRS One & Rakim : Classic (edit) (DivShare)



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The Way Of White Folks : DJ Shadow letter to the Source (1991) + new interview

July 13, 2007

Yeah, I had a hard time finding the MD with the interview, but it was even more difficult to find another mention of DJ Shadow in The Source, besides this letter he wrote to magazine as a young fan in may 1991. I think Elliott Wilson may have mentioned him or Latyrx in his Independents’ Day column years later though.

So here is the audio of the interview I did with him where he talked about the Unsigned Hype demo, Dave Funkenklein, Paris among other things. The only problem is that the interview was not made for radio or broadcast so the sound is not so good, the main problem is that you don’t really hear my questions, sorry.

DJ Shadow interview Part 1 : on his first time spinning on the radio, Dave Funkenklein, the demo, what gear he was using and meeting Paris

DJ Shadow interview Part 2 :  on his little dude days as a digger, meeting James Lavelle, how much of a failure his career was in the US and why he didn’t produce many rappers besides his own crew

DJ Shadow interview Part 3 : On why he changed his sound, his relationship with the press, why he lets the major choosing the singles and why Keak The Sneak and Turf Talk are the best new artists out right now

DJ Shadow interview Part 4 : on how his under-the-radar projects since Private Press should have let us know he was changing, how he still like playing his old stuff, “Broken Levee Blues”, “This Time” and why he has so many songs with vocals on “The Outsider”